Leadership Development


J.R. Butler's Elite Team was founded in 2006 to combat the leadership gap in our society. Any company will agree that its people are its most valuable asset; construction and manufacturing companies are no exception to this widely recognized axiom. Every year, the Elite Board of Governors, consisting of former graduates, invites a select few of our most promising employees to join us in the journey. This intense leadership program develops attitude, personal financial skills, and proper decorum. In addition, Elite includes the entire National Glass Association (NGA) architectural flat glass training. Each graduate must live up to the code of conduct and continue his or her education to maintain the Elite moniker.

Felix: “J.R. Butler is a huge part of my life. I love working for this company, and it has provided me several opportunities to become a leader and work in a trade that I love. I joined the J.R. Butler Elite team in 2006, and it has empowered me to create leaders around me and to shape the future of my company; I am very proud of that.”


Success is not defined only by what we do today but also by our results a thousand years from now. We have taken many steps to create a culture that can shape leaders long after we pass J.R. Butler on to the next generation. One such step is taken through a program called Veritas, an 18-month experiential learning leadership program. Veritas is intense; it holds nothing back and makes no apologies in its approach to create stronger leaders.